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Muslim women in Britain have thrived in education, occupy high level roles across a number of industries and productively engage in a number of civic activities.

They are, therefore, uniquely placed to respond to their needs (as well as the needs of their communities and wider society) but are often held back by culturally regressive attitudes dressed up as religiosity. We believe the solution lies in productive faith based narratives and well informed Muslim women equipped with the tools to assert their God given agency.

For too long, we have decried the lack of spaces for believing women to be active actors and agents for change. WMAP seek to create a safe and supportive community that promotes critical reflection, engagement and dialogue on issues such as faith, identity, politics and society.

We represent a growing number of women who are informed by their faith and British cultural identity and have found themselves omitted from most narratives on Islam and Muslims. Our members come from diverse backgrounds in terms of race, ethnicity, class and professions.

Whilst Muslim women are our focus, we also seek to engage with stakeholders within Muslim communities and wider society on the many ways that Muslim women can continue to play an active role in British society.