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Sulekha Hassan

Sulekha is a history graduate with an interest in politics and society. She co-founded WMAP in response to the lack of spaces for diverse Muslim women to discuss politics, society, culture and theology in an open and critical way.

She is interested in challenging the status quo discourse that often infantilises British Muslim women and denies them agency from all quarters, both within and outside of the Muslim community.

Sulekha has extensive experience in the community and voluntary sector and has engaged with a wide range of stakeholders including policy makers on issues such as the needs of children with Special Education Needs, health inequalities and fair funding for schools.

She is also a proud Hackney resident and is currently leading on a local programme that promotes asset-based approaches to community development in partnership with residents and statutory partners.

Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert

Jennifer has been working as a researcher and practitioner since the early 2000s.

Jennifer holds a PhD in politics, an MSc in conflict studies, and a BA in social and cultural sciences. Her research interests include gender, violent conflict, counter-extremism, Islamic-faith-based approaches, work with/in/as Muslim communities, migration and development. She has planned, conducted and supervised research in the UK, Germany, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Prior (and in parallel) to her academic career, Jennifer has worked in the areas of international development, civic education, intercultural dialogue, community engagement, conflict transformation, and counter-extremism in the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Pakistan.

Jennifer lives in the West Midlands.

Bushra Wasty

Bushra is a Computer Science graduate, mother and book enthusiast.

Her interest lies in furthering a narrative for British Muslim women through theological empowerment and building a community of like-minded women. With Sulekha, she set up WMAP as a response to the need for a discourse that brings Muslim women together as believers.

She spends a lot of time reading books and currently resides in Nottingham with her family.